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The DCMS Network provides Building Scan to BIM services for the construction industry. Our team of experts creates 3D models from point cloud data, laser scans and other building scans. Using accurate measurements, these models can be used to simulate the entire building process from design to execution with high levels of accuracy and efficiency.

If you’re looking for an experienced team of professionals to help turn your building scan into a detailed BIM model, look no further than the DCMS Network. Contact us today to get started!

Scan to BIM Services

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Best Scan To BIM Services

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Top Ten Scan To BIM Related Services 

The DCMS Network is a comprehensive system for scan to BIM services. It provides project teams with an array of tools and resources to help them achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. Here, we discuss the top 10 scan to BIM services that the DCMS Network offers:


1. 3D Laser Scanning: This service uses laser scanning technology to capture high-resolution data points of physical objects or spaces in three-dimensions for accurate modeling.


2. Photogrammetry: This service utilizes aerial photography and advanced image processing technologies to create high-resolution 3D models from photographs taken from any angle.


3. Reality Capture: Combines data from multiple sources such as laser scanning, photogrammetry, and terrestrial LiDAR to capture an environment's physical features in a digital format.


4. Point Cloud Processing: This service takes the raw point cloud data collected from laser scanners or other reality capture devices, and processes it into usable 3D models.


5. Building Information Modeling (BIM): Using the data collected from scans and other sources, BIM services create detailed 3D models with all the necessary information about components and their properties for further use in project management and analysis tools.


6. CAD Conversion: This service allows teams to convert legacy 2D files such as AutoCAD drawings into 3D models that can be used in various software platforms like Revit, SketchUp, etc.


7. Clash Detection: This service highlights any potential clashes between objects that may occur during the construction phase of a project.


8. Modeling Services: This service takes the data collected from scans and other sources, and creates detailed 3D models with textures and materials applied for visualizing and rendering purposes.


9. Quantity Takeoff: With this service, teams can measure distances between point clouds, calculate volumes of objects or spaces, estimate material requirements, etc., all within a single platform.


10. Scope of Work Documentations: Teams can generate scope of work documents such as plans, specifications, quantities takeoffs and cost estimations easily using the DCMS Network's services to communicate project

BIM Services for Builders

The DCMS Network provides construction builders with scan to BIM services, which enable them to easily create a digital representation of the existing physical environment. This allows them to quickly assess the condition of their building and identify any elements that require further work. Our services allow for data collection, analysis, visualization, and archival of projects at different stages in the construction process. By leveraging our scanning technology and combining it with Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools, we can help streamline processes for faster project completion and more accurate results.


Furthermore, these scans provide an invaluable resource for ongoing maintenance since they can be used as reference or “blueprints” when necessary repairs are needed. Ultimately, our scan to BIM services reduce time and costs, while providing construction builders with a comprehensive overview of their building and its components. 

3D Scanning of Surrounding

As Built Services for Architects

3D Scanning of Surrounding 2

With many years of experience in the industry, the DCMS Network is well-positioned to provide reliable and comprehensive services for any project. With an impressive portfolio of successful projects, it's clear that the DCMS Network can provide architects with all of the As built services they need for their projects while having the expertise to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. 


By partnering with the DCMS Network on your next project, you can rest assured that you will have access to reliable built services tailored to meet your needs and help ensure successful delivery. With its wide range of services and extensive network of professionals, the DCMS Network is a top choice for architects seeking reliable built services for their projects. 

As Built Services for Interior Designers

Scan to BIM services provide architects, building owners, and facility managers with a range of benefits. This technology helps to bring the physical world into the digital environment in order to capture detailed spatial information quickly and accurately.


For architects, Scan to BIM services can help facilitate faster project completion times by providing an up-to-date 3D model that is instantly available for collaboration or design review purposes. In addition, this technology is able to capture existing conditions in greater detail than would be possible through traditional survey methods. This allows architects to have access to much more comprehensive information - enabling them to make far more informed decisions when it comes to designing and constructing buildings.


For building owners and facility managers, Scan to BIM services offers a number of advantages as well. By having access to detailed 3D models, they are able to have detailed visuals of the current condition of their building or facility. This technology also helps them with asset planning by providing a comprehensive view of all physical assets that can be used for maintenance and audit purposes. Furthermore, Scan to BIM services can help in the process of renovation since any changes made can always be checked against the original scan.


With DCMS Network’s Scan to BIM services, architects, building owners, and facility managers will be able to gain an accurate understanding of their physical space quickly and easily. They will be able to make more informed decisions through improved knowledge about existing conditions, use existing resources more effectively, and develop better plans for renovation or remodeling. By leveraging Scan to BIM services, these individuals will be able to ensure the success of their projects in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner.

3D Image Inside Building

Frequently Asked Questions

Scan To BIM Services FAQs

Top 10 FAQs for Scan To BIM Services


1. What is Scan to BIM?

2. How does scan-to-BIM work?

3. What types of projects can Scan to BIM be used on?

4. What are the benefits of using Scan to BIM?

5. What type of files can Scan to BIM produce?

6. How long does it take to complete a scan-to-BIM project?

7. Is there any additional software I need to use Scan to BIM?

8. Are there any limitations on the type of environment that can be scanned ?

9. Who will have access to my Scan to BIM models ?

10.What kind of support does DCMS Network offer for scan-to-BIM projects??


What is Scan to BIM?

Scan to BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process for creating 3D models of existing structures using 3D laser scanning. By combining the latest in laser scanning technology with advanced software, Scan to BIM enables architects and engineers to produce detailed 3D models of existing buildings and structures, which can be used for analysis, planning, and restoration.

How does this scan technology work?

Using advanced technology in 3D scanning services, Scan to BIM collects millions of accurate measurements from an environment which can then be used to create detailed 3D models of physical objects or spaces. The process typically involves three steps: capturing raw data with a scanner; processing that data into useful information; and then converting it into a format suitable for use in BIM models.


What types of projects can Scan technology be used on?

Scan to BIM is suitable for any design or construction project that requires accurate 3D modelling and data analysis. It can be used on both existing structures, such as renovations, and new builds.


What are the benefits of utilizing this service for your next project?

Using Scan to BIM has many advantages over traditional surveying methods. It’s faster, more accurate and cost-effective than manual survey techniques, making it ideal for large scale jobs with tight deadlines. It also provides greater detail in the models created which can help identify potential issues during the design phase.


What type of files can you provide for a project?

Scan to BIM produces a wide range of file types, including: 3D point clouds; CAD files; STLs (stereolithography); mesh files (polygonal meshes); and vector files.


How long does it take to complete a scan-to-BIM project?

The time needed for this project will depend on the size and complexity of the environment being scanned as well as any additional tasks that need to be completed, such as data processing or model generation. Generally speaking, most projects are completed within two weeks or less.


Are there any additional software I need to use this service?

No, all you need is access to the DCMS Network platform. The process of scanning and modelling can be done entirely within the platform. If you wish to further edit or analyze models created with Scan to BIM, then additional software may be necessary.


Are there any limitations on the type of environment that can be scanned?

This process works best in an environment that is both open and well lit, as this helps ensure accuracy in measurements taken by the scanner. There are also some restrictions on certain materials which cannot be accurately scanned, such as glass or reflective surfaces.


Who will have access to my BIM models?

Only the users who have been granted access to the project will be able to view, edit or interact with the scans and 3D models created using Scan to BIM. All data is securely stored within DCMS Network and can only be accessed by authorized users.


What kind of support does DCMS Network offer for BIM projects?

DCMS Network has a dedicated team of experts who are on hand to provide guidance and technical support throughout the entire process, from start to finish. We are also available via email and telephone if there are any questions or queries you may have about your project.


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